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Welcome to a place to express feelings through music, open your mind and prepare it for new emotions and let it flow through your senses. Producer and dj from Alhama of Granada, Spain. Him musical dj carrier began 13 years ago and his prefers styles are Tech-House, Techno and Minimal. As producer he make a underground groove techno, always with fresh details, a big open mind in evolution, thinking in the better progress for the electronic music and working in bigs proyects as Be One Records like owner. OWNER: Be One Records Producer: Be One Records - Hexil Creative - Divine Techno Records - Fruit Records - LW Recordings - Tantrum Logo - Psicopatik Rec - Play Techno Records - Indalo Records - Intelligent Techno Records

Ruiz dB is back in Be One Record with this special and great track called ¨Noche Eterna¨ "Noche Eterna" is a song inspired by the Poem of the Mayan culture. Huetzki (Heart) is a Maayat'ann poem from the ancient Mayan civilization and that has been passed down from father to son for generations. This is a work carried out over two years in which Ary and her grandmother Adelina, friends from Mexico, have collaborated, where they interpret the poem in the original language, recited by Adelina. The subsequent translation into Spanish is interpreted by Ary, both voices included in the song. Also from Cuba, Indira S, an excellent singer and friend, interprets the vocal inspired by this beautiful poem, giving musical meaning to this wonderful "Noche Eternat". Lastly, I would like to mention my brother Miguel Bastida who helped me with the structure and mix to elevate the track. A song with a lot of feeling and groove, which includes Latin elements such as pianos, trumpets and percussion as harmonic definition and some synths to enlarge the drops. We hope you like it. be one
Mastering: @miguel_bastida
ArtMovie by: @djruizdb
LABEL: Be One Records


'Elementals' is a concept album. A feeling experience where each song is a trip from one place to another, carrying a common thread: joy, rhythm and harmony. This is a sample of some of the styles and cultures that influenced him beyond electronic music. Here you can find different styles and cultures such as flamenco, a rumba honoring Granada, his hometown, and some string and wind orchestras. There's also a connection to Alhama, a town that is dedicated a song with a lot of 'Emagination' and jazz vibes.  Here you can also find some latin music with different sounds that remind us of cumbia or salsa. Afro-Indians creating an atmosphere of freedom and spirituality supported by women's voices. There's also space for sounds of violins, pianos, trombones, saxophones, trumpets, accordions, guitars, arabic instruments... This multicultural journey is always accompanied by tribal percussive rhythms with djembes, congas, bongos, darbukas or the 'cajón'; an spanish percussive instrument. Everything is wrapped in different styles such as Tech House with a touch of Afro House and House.  The main intention is to dance travelling with Ruiz dB. He will let you know a little bit more about him in terms of his tastes, opening doors to a little piece of his human being.
'This project was carried out between 2020-2021, a very strange year. This is why it is dedicated to all my family and friends, to my colleague Miguel Bastida and also to all the good people from all over the world that I have met in this rare year. Giving meaning to 'everything that happens, is convenient'
ArtCover hand painted with watercolor technique by: Jéssica Nieves @jess.nievestorres
Mastering by: Joe Red @joered_official
ArtMovie by: @djruizdb
LABEL: Be One Records



A restless mind always eager to think more and for the better with many artistic concerns being the music in which it is best reflected but without deepening to the maximum to leave places for other arts that also take place on special occasions. Ultima revelación en la música electrónica de baile, irse preparando señores: DJ y Productor de Música Electrónica de Alhama de Granada. Como Dj le gusta pinchar sesiones con un sonido underground y fresco, tocando tech-house, minimal o techno, estilos que le definen en la actualidad. En su faceta como Productor se encuentra inspirado por los mismos, interpretados a su gusto y personalidad mas deep y underground, definiendo asi el sonido que le caracteriza, el cual le esta haciendo crecer a pasos de gigante en un mercado en el que sellos internacionales ya se fijan en el. Con más de 13 años en su carrera musical, el esfuerzo y la constancia, le han llevado a pasar por alguno de los principales festivales internacionales celebrados en España y las salas mas emblemáticas del oriente andaluz tales como: ElectroBeach, Industrial Copera, Paris 15, Sala WOW, Duquesa Clubbing by Vogue, Cientotrece Music Club, Quilombo, Kapital, Mon Amour, Rocket Festival......, mas un largo recorrido de fiestas underground por la zona de Granada, que han ido dando personalidad, a este joven pero consolidado DJ y Productor Alhameño. Todo este trabajo ha tenido como fruto el poder compartir cartel con artistas tales como Ben Sims, John Acquaviva. Oscar Mulero, Marco Bailey, Fatima Hajji, Luciano, Maetrik, Lee Van Dowski, y un largo etc. Propietario del Sello Granadino BE ONE RECORDS junto a Miguel Bastida, compartiendo proyectos como Ahedo y raíz-ELECTRONIK, lo cual ha llevado a la creacion de grandes eventos, como es el festival celebrado en su pueblo natal Alhama Projoven.

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